Price Match Guarantee


It's our goal to provide you with the lowest possible price. If a competitor* has an item available online at a lower final price, we will beat it. The final price includes all applicable duties, taxes and shipping costs. Price Match Discounts cannot be combined with any other 123Security promotions.

Ready to Order?

Fill out the contact form below. We will put an order on hold for you reflecting the new price. Don't be shy! We match coupon codes and membership refund programs too. If time or product availability is an issue, feel free to give us a call at 1.866.440.2288 to complete the order by phone.

The Boring Price Match Rules

  • Same model year
  • Same color
  • Same size
  • Same condition
  • In stock on competitor’s website

*All competitor websites and listings on 3rd party sites such as Amazon and Ebay must be licensed online retailers, based in the U.S. These retailers can honor manufacturer warranties and ensure the product is not secondhand, gray market (direct import or imported), or a knock-off.

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